DSC_0057_blackandwhiteStarting Fall 2017, I will be an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at American University. My primary research interests are in Moral Psychology,  Feminist Philosophy, and Ethics. In my research, I explore how automatic, unconscious intuitions lead to good moral judgments. My work intersects with  normative philosophy and empirical psychology and cognitive science.  Additionally, I am interested in systems of marginalization and oppression, with specific focus on implicit bias and micro-aggressions. See more about my research here.

My recent courses include Moral Philosophy, Feminist PhilosophyMoral Psychology, Bioethics and Justice, Introduction to Philosophy, and Oppression, Privilege, and Resistance. In 2011, I received the Philosophy Department’s Teaching Excellence Award at the University of Washington. In 2013-2014, I served as the philosophy department’s Teaching and Learning Coordinator at the University of Washington. In this position, I led the teaching seminar for incoming graduate students, organized department-wide workshops on teaching, and directed the Philosophy Writing Center.

Beyond my teaching, I am committed to improving the academic philosophical climate and providing outstanding mentorship to students. In 2013-2014, I was a member of the University of Washington Philosophy Department’s first Committee on Implicit Bias and Departmental Climate.  As a graduate student, I served as an official mentor for incoming minority graduate students at the University of Washington (2011-2014). I also recently mentored a McNair Scholar as she successfully applied to PhD programs in philosophy. And in 2012, I served as a Graduate Assistant for the undergraduate inclusiveness program “Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute” (PIKSI) at Penn State University (see a summary of my experience here). In addition to these mentoring experiences, I advised undergraduate tutors and students for a year in my capacity as supervisor of the UW Philosophy Writing Center and I have created and/or coached several Ethics Bowl and Bioethics Bowl teams.

My other professional experience includes two years as the Managing Editor of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy.