DSC_0057_black and whiteI am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at American University. My primary research interests are in Moral Psychology,  Feminist Philosophy, and Ethics. I am interested in questions about how we do and ought to make moral judgments and decisions and under what circumstances we can appropriately be said to be morally responsible for our (in)actions. I am currently working on a book manuscript in which I argue that, even in cases in which our actions and judgments entirely fail to be guided or formed by deliberative (System 2) processes,  we can nonetheless be praise- and blameworthy for them. My work intersects with  normative philosophy and empirical psychology and cognitive science. 

My recent courses include Moral Philosophy, Feminist PhilosophyMoral Psychology, Bioethics and Justice, Introduction to Philosophy, and Oppression, Privilege, and Resistance. Beyond my teaching, I am committed to improving the academic philosophical climate and providing outstanding mentorship to students.