DSC_0057_black and whiteI am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at American University. My primary research interests are in Moral Psychology,  Feminist Philosophy, and Ethics. In my research, I pursue projects that help us better understand our moral selves and moral interactions with others. I explore questions about what make people good or behave well, in addition to questions about what exactly it means to be a good person or act admirably. I am currently working on a book manuscript in which I argue that given the intelligence of automatic processing and the centrality of empathetic capacities in moral agency, we need new pedagogical frameworks for moral education and moral development. My work intersects with  normative philosophy and empirical psychology and cognitive science. 

My recent courses include Moral Philosophy, Feminist PhilosophyMoral Psychology, Bioethics and Justice, Introduction to Philosophy, and Oppression, Privilege, and Resistance. Beyond my teaching, I am committed to improving the academic philosophical climate and providing outstanding mentorship to students.